Contributions from Conservation: More than Meets the Eye

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Assistant Objects Conservator Paige Schmidt. Credit: The Mariners’ Museum and Park.

Hello there Mariners! I thought it was about time I introduced myself on the blog. My name is Paige Schmidt, and I am the Assistant Objects Conservator for the museum’s general collection. While I work in the Batten Conservation Complex alongside the archaeological conservators who dedicate their time to conserving the U.S.S. Monitor, I myself do not work on the Monitor. My job is to conserve and help care for the 18,000 three dimensional artifacts within our impressive collection!

While hands-on treatment of artifacts is a regular part of a conservator’s job, conservation encompasses a whole lot more than just treatment. In addition to assisting with the preventive care of the collection (i.e. avoiding the need for treatment as much as possible by regulating the environment in which artifacts exist), we can also provide insights into the history of an object, help objects tell their stories, and sometimes literally ‘unlock’ their secrets.   Read more

A Portrait of the Figurehead as a Young Bear

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The first step is a single light from above.

Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was
a bear coming down along the hallway and this bear
that was coming down along the hall met a nicens little photographer named Brock.

Sorry, James Joyce. You’re probably rolling in your grave at my weak attempts at imitation.   Read more

Conservation goes to Texas

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Houston Museum of Natural Science

Recently a few members of the conservation team (Laurie, Will, Paige, Molly, and our newest team member Emilie, a Paper Conservator!) were able to attend the American institute for Conservation (AIC) conference in Houston, Texas. We have written about attending conferences before, but for those of you that don’t know, this was a meeting of hundreds of conservators and museum management professionals getting together to share ideas, research and new techniques. Basically, a museum nerd’s dream.

Laurie was able to go on a special tour of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and learn about their storage facilities. The Museum of Natural Science also hosted an evening reception, so Emilie and Laurie also got the bonus of seeing the Museums’ amazing dinosaur and fossil collection.   Read more