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Friendly fire…..

Today marks the anniversary of the Battle of Big Bethel. It is a land story – and one that our friends in Hampton are telling today – and tomorrow. And Mark Erickson of the Daily Press has written a brilliant article which you can read here. Oh – and note to self: June 10, 1861 […]

secession, transfers and a poem

On this day in 1861, Tennessee seceded with a majority vote. Governor John Letcher of Virginia officially transferred Virginia troops to the Confederacy. While this move put the commander of the Virginia Army out of a job, General Robert E. Lee remained as an advisor to Confederate President Jefferson Davis. This poem, written on June […]

two different farewells

On this day in 1861, much of the North paid tribute to the late Stephen A. Douglas. Some schools were closed as were government offices. In Washington, D.C. the White House was draped in black out of respect. In Chambersburg, PA, the departure of the First Brigade of General Patterson’s Army was described by a […]

it pays to exercise….

The June 29th edition of Harper’s Weekly reported the following in its Foreign News column: “The death of the minister who in the space of nine years, has carried the prostrate monarchy of Piedmont to the rank of a first-class European power, is one of those events which, even in the pressure of our own […]

And on June 3rd…..

On this day in 1861, Secretary of the Confederate Navy, Stephen Russell Mallory instructed naval engineer Lieutenant John Mercer Brooke to develop an ironclad design for construction in the South. Former presidential candidate and Illinois senator Stephen A. Douglas passed away in Chicago from a suspected case of typhoid fever. “The Little Giant” was 48. […]

On The Character of the War…

The June 1, 1861 edition of Harper’s Weekly published the following in an editorial entitled “The Character of the War.” I find it interesting in that I just had a conversation with one of our volunteers about reading these old magazines and newspapers. We, in the 21st century, have the benefit of hindsight to understand […]