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Daily Archives: June 23, 2011

Secret work…….

150 years ago today, Lieutenant John Mercer Brooke, Naval Constructor John Luke Porter, and Chief Engineer William Price Williamson completed the report on Confederate homefront ironclad design. The Panel would ultimately recommend that the salvaged Merrimack be transformed into an ironclad. Porter and Williamson had arrived in Richmond the day before, Porter bringing with him […]

Timeless Literature

Taken from the September 1861 edition of Southern Literary Messenger: A Magazine Devoted to Literature, Science and Art, “Unknown Heroes,” written by William Howard Perrigo, is a timeless poem.  This poem, fitting to the time period in which it was written and is certainly relevant today as many continue to make the ultimate sacrifice. UNKNOWN […]

Shawanda Davis

Hello all.  I just wanted to take a moment to quickly introduce myself  as I am now one of the new contributors to Civil War Connections.  While I have chosen to spend my summer serving as an intern at The Mariners Museum, I am also a 6th grade United States history teacher in York County, Virginia.  I would like […]

The War Goes Aerial: The “Unofficial” Air Force of the United States

Many argue with the notion that the Civil War was the first “modern” war. There were certainly many technological advances and innovations unlike any previous war: photography, railroads, submarines, ironclads, telegraphs, and advances in weaponry such as the repeating rifle and minié ball. In early June 1861, Thaddeus S.C. Lowe sent the first telegraphic transmission […]