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loose lips……again

Loose lips… The recent article in Scientific American concerning the Ericsson Battery was not  met with enthusiasm in the office of Commodore Smith. This might be due to the fact that it gave details of the battery that Smith had hoped to keep secret from the Confederacy. In his defense, the prickly engineer John Ericsson […]

tell the world about it, why don’t you?

An issue of Scientific American hit the stands 150 years ago today which featured an in-depth article on the Ericsson Battery  under construction at Greenpoint, Brooklyn. John Ericsson sent the following note to Commodore Smith with a copy of the issue: I enclose the Scientific American of this date, containing an admirably clear description of […]

The Trent Affair…

150 years ago today, Hampton Roads had brush with notorious Civil War episode –  by John Warren, Public Relations Manager of The Mariners’ Museum FORT MONROE – On this day in 1861, a scandal touched the shores of Hampton Roads – one that nearly erupted into a much-changed landscape for the Civil War. What came […]

another ironclad…

150 years ago today, Henry Hoover, the Naval Constructor and the Navy Yard in Philadelphia received a letter from Commodore Joseph Smith (Bureau of Yards and Docks, US Navy) directing him to inspect the ironclad vessel under constuction with Merrick & Sons in Philadelphia. Mr Hoover was to be “diligent in the performance of this […]

again with the aeronauts….

150 years ago today, Union Aeronaut Thaddeus Lowe reported that he left the Washington Navy Yard in the Balloon Boat George Washington Parke Custis. He said that they “were towed out by the steamer Couer de Lion, having on board competent assistant aeronauts, together with my new gas generating apparatus, which, though used for the first […]