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forbearance was not their strong suit…

          In the December 21st, 1861 issue of Harper’s Weekly, the following article appeared on page 806, with images to accompany it. Despite the fact that anyone who has ever fired a large gun could tell you that the particular layout shown in the left-hand image would be…problematic, if you will…the […]

another poetic interlude

In the category of “whilst looking for something else entirely….” we give you the following ditty (and cautionary tale), straight out of Harper’s Weekly, from 150 years ago today: Fashion for the Fireside To Mrs. J. I give thee this fire-proof dress, my love. Wearing all that attire, It gives me the greatest distress, my […]

Swedish Engineer, 51, Loses Digit in Iron Foundry!

another blast from the past from our old friend Josh Graml – originally posted here on December 7, 2006:   I believe it was noted hippie songstress Joni Mitchell who noted that we never know what we’ve got ‘til it’s gone. Now, don’t get worried; I’m not here to lament the paving of paradise or […]

The Patrick Henry

She was not meant for war. Yet war found the passenger steamer Yorktown in April of 1861 while she was anchored in the James River. The Virginia State Navy seized the vessel, which eventually became part of the Confederate States Navy in June, 1861.   Our good friend John Quarstein wrote the following for us […]