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Ironclads: “little or no use to the country”

An article in Scientific American entitled “THE NEW IRON-CLAD GUNBOATS” was printed February 15, 1862. In the article Congress confers on the making of an ironclad warship and how effective they will be.  There appears the editorial comment in that articles that says: “It appears to us that unless the new iron gunboats are designed […]

Music Monday: Sufjan Stevens

In honor of what would have Abraham Lincoln’s 203rd birthday yesterday we bring you an Lincoln inspired Music Monday.  While this post is Lincoln inspired it is actually Lincoln’s wife Mary Todd who is the inspiration for this Sufjan Stevens song called “A Short Reprise for Mary Todd, Who Went Insane, but for Very Good […]

Then & Now: French Perspective on the American Soldier

On November 22, 1862 Scientific American printed a letter written by an officer in the French army who was serving with the Union Army during the Civil War.  In that letter Gen. Cluseret says many complementary things of the Union soldiers he was working with.  To summarize his letter he says “I have but a […]

All along the MONITOR Trail

Last week I traveled from the birthplace of the Monitor to the point of land closest to her final resting place, passing over the scene of her March 9 debut in the process. What struck me was this: her story is not for one place – it is a story that touches so many places, and […]

Then & Now: Cost of Recruiting Soldiers

The cost of recruiting soldiers in five different states during the Civil War was printed in an article in Scientific American in 1862. The Results were as follows: The cost of raising soldiers under different State authorities varies very much.  In Wisconsin, 1,000 men cost nearly $100,000;  in Illinois, 1,000 men cost $42,000;  in New […]

The Civil War and You!

One of the goals of this blog is to show you, its steadfast followers, how the Civil War connects to modern day. This post will deal with how the Civil War relates to you, literally! As we all learned in elementary school the Civil War was a war that pitted brother against brother on the […]

Music Monday: Bee Gees

The past two Mondays I’ve brought you music from some obscure bands that most people have never heard of, maybe you were beginning to believe that these lesser known bands were the only musicians that made music about the Civil War. Well this week Music Monday spotlights a band most people are probably familiar with, […]