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Monitor Log: 30 April 1862 (or, the return of the Booby Hatch)

You will recall on 21 April 1862, the booby hatch arrived, but did not fit. Today, it returns. Presumably, it fit this time, as there is no further mention of it in the logbook. Remarks Wednesday April 30th /62   From Midnight to 4 A.M. Light easterly wind & dense fog                                             William Flye     From […]

Monitor Log: 29 April 1862

The Monitor received hollow shot in a trade with the Steamer Parthenia on this day.   Since this shot was hollow, it required a smaller charge to achieve velocity (always attractive – and given the powder charge restrictions placed on the Monitor‘ s Dahlgrens – even more attractive). Also, the initial velocity of this type of shot was […]

Monitor Log: 28 April 1862

Remarks Monday April 28th /62   From Midnight to 4 A.M. Wind light from N.E & foggy                                                 L.N. Stodder     From 4 to 8 A.M. Light & gentle breeze from N.N.E & cloudy weather            Geo. Frederickson     From 8 to Meridian Light airs from Eastward & pleasant received on board Iron pipes for […]

Monitor Log: 27 April 1862

Some of the Monitor crew might have enjoyed seeing their former ship, the USS Sabine, arrive in Hampton Roads on this day. At least 10 crewmen from the Sabine volunteered for service on the USS Monitor when Lt. John Lorimer Worden made the request. The Monitor also was hostess to another distinguished visitor – Caleb Blood Smith, the Secretary […]

Monitor Log: 26 April 1862

Another ship enters Hampton Roads this day – the sidewheel steamer USS Connecticut. Though principally a supply vessel for the fleet, she had been successful in capturing several Confederate vessels in the course of her duties. Remarks Saturday April 26th /62   From Midnight to 4 A.M. Fresh N E wind & cloudy weather with […]

Monitor Log: 25 April 1862

Remarks Friday April 25th /62   From Midnight to 4 A.M. Commences & untill 4 AM Fresh breezes from eastward and cloudy weather, water was washing over the Deck fearfully                         E.V. Gager     From 4 to 8 AM Wind & weather same Tugboat Gen Wool parted her hawser alongside got her  well made fast […]

Causality or Influence: Nullification Revisited

In Mitch’s post concerning John C. Calhoun’s home in Charleston, South Carolina, it was asserted that nullification, a method advanced by Calhoun to invalidate the Tariff of Abominations, ultimately grew into secession.  Having written a term paper recently on Calhoun’s political thought, I cannot help myself but tease out the connection that Mitch presents and, […]

Monitor Log: 24 April 1862

On this day, the Monitor was joined in Hampton Roads by another ironclad – the USS Galena. You might say they were cousins, since the Galena was championed by Cornelius Bushnell and built with iron supplied by John Winslow and John Griswold. In fact, many of the documents relating to the Monitor‘s construction contain material relating […]

Monitor Log: 23 April 1862

Remarks  Wednesday April 23rd /62   From Midnight to 4 A.M. Begins with fine pleasant weather gentle breezes from westward                                                                                                                                         Geo. Frederickson       From 4 to 8 A.M. Wind & weather same                                                 William Flye     From 8 A.M. to Meridian Wind W.S.W. fine clear weather, our tug being left by the Capt […]

Music Monday: Civil War Rap

I have a confession to make to the blogosphere  ever since I started writing Music Mondays I’ve wanted to do a post about my favorite music genre, rap. Unfortunately there aren’t any “real” rap songs  about the Civil War, or not any I could find. Fortunately in this world if you are looking for anything […]