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Daily Archives: May 11, 2012

Armor Piercing Guns… sort of.

Hey everyone, and welcome to the good ol’ blog! (yes, I will be saying that every time.) Today’s tidbit about me is: I fear both spiders and heights, but I’m curiously unafraid of flying! In the last blog post of mine, we discussed the race to build more ironclads. Today, lets us turn our attention […]

Monitor Log: 11 May 1862

Remarks Sunday May 11/62   From Midnight to 4 A. M . Wind and weather same until 3 A.M when it shifted suddenly to E.N.E. with fresh breezes.  The fire towards Norfolk brightened and illuminated the entire Horizon.  3 AM a fire with occasional bright flashes as of powder exploding broke out towards Sewalls point batteries                                       […]

“…a sad finish for such a bright beginning.”

After the fall of Norfolk, the Virginia found herself without a home.  Her commanding officer, Josiah Tattnall was thus faced with a dilemma. If he attempted to attack the Union fleet, he had some hope of destroying several vessels before being sunk, or worse, captured. He rejected this plan because of the risk of being […]