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Daily Archives: August 2, 2012


Howdy folks, and welcome back to the good ol’ blog! Today’s tidbit about me is: for the past few days I have purposely NOT followed the Olympic medal count online, since I want to watch the evening coverage of the Olympics without knowing who’s going to win in advance. This played out well for me […]

Monitor Log: 2 August 1862

Remarks Aug 2/62   Commences & till 4 Calm & clear weather                                                             William Flye     From 4 to 8 Wind & weather same                                                                        Louis Stodder     From 8 to Meridian Baffling airs from the S[outhwar]d & passing clouds.  Gunboats Cimeron went down the river                                                                                                                   GF Geo. Frederickson     From Meridian to 4 […]