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Daily Archives: August 20, 2012

Mass Murder and Mutilation in Minnesota

Hey there folks, and welcome back to the good ol’ blog! Today’s tidbit about me is: I bite my nails out of habit, and as a result I have a hard time opening things like Swiss Army Knives and Key Chain Rings. On the plus side… actually, there is no plus side. I bite my nails, and […]

Monitor Log: 20 August 1862

Remarks Aug 20/62   Commences & till 4 Calm & baffling airs from N[orthewar]d & E[astwar]d                                               Geo. Frederickson   From 4 to 8 Calm & weather clear                                                             S.D. Greene From 8 to Meridian Light airs from the S.W & pleasant weather.  The Port Royal Sonoma & Genesee moved down the river.  At 8.30 Mr. Newton […]