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Monitor Log: 30 April 1862 (or, the return of the Booby Hatch)

You will recall on 21 April 1862, the booby hatch arrived, but did not fit. Today, it returns. Presumably, it fit this time, as there is no further mention of it in the logbook.

Remarks Wednesday April 30th /62


From Midnight to 4 A.M.

Light easterly wind & dense fog                                            

William Flye



From 4 to 8 A.M.

Light airs Easterly & fog.  U.S. Gun Boat Cambridge arrived.  swung to Flood tide

at 5.30 A.M.                          

E.V. Gager



From 8 to Meridian

Wind Eastward & thick weather                                                        




From Meridian to 4 P.M.

Strong breeze from eastward with thick & overcast weather                                                                                                                                                 Geo. Frederickson



From 4 to 6 P.M.

Strong breezes from N.E & cloudy rainy weather, received on board

a booby hatch for main compainion way                                                                                                                                                                                          William Flye  



From 6 to 8 P.M

Wind weather same                                                                





From 8 to Midnight

Wind N.E. & cloudy