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Monitor Log: 20 May 1862

Remarks Tuesday May 20th/62


Midnight to 4 A.M

Light variable airs & pleasant weather.  middle part foggy                                       

William Flye



4 to 8 A.M

Wind N.E & Cloudy weather.  5.30 an officer arrived at City Point with flag

of truce. 6 AM a boat from flag ship came alongside with orders to cover the

landing of our party to communicate.  got under weigh and lay abreast of the town

while there saw a party of men skulking along the bank under cover of the

bushes evidently trying to get a shot at the man. Str Geo Washington has arrived

                                                                                                            [Not Signed]              



8 toMeridian

Wind east & pleasant, returned to our anchorage at 9.30 AM                                                                                                                                               Louis Stodder



Meridianto4 P.M                                                                             

Gentle breeze from the eastward with clear & pleasant weather  

At 3 PM the Port Royal arrived

                                                                                                            Geo. Frederickson



4 to 6 P.M

Same wind & weather  at4 P.M the Galena went up and was ordered

abreast of City Point, at 5.20 the Geo. Washington (Flag of Truce) proceeded down the river

                                                                                                            William Flye



6 to 8 P.M

Wind moderate from the eastward and cloudy.  Gunboats Wachusett &

Maratanza got under weigh, Wachusetts anchored near us.  Maratanza  off

Hill Carters place above City Point.  Galena fired several times toward the point                                                                                                                            E.V. Gager



8 to Midnight

Wind East & Raining                                                             

Louis Stodder