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Monitor Log: 17 May 1862

Remarks Saturday May 17th 1862



Midnight to 4 A.M

Light breeze from S.E. with clear pleasant weather              

Geo. Frederickson




4 to 8 A.M

Wind & weather the same. at 7.30 sent a contraband on board the Galena                                                                                                                           William Flye



8 toMeridian

Light breeze from S.W. & fine weather.  at 9. AM got under weigh and proceeded off City Point so as to command the south of both rivers and came to anchor

Held a survey and condemned as unfit for use 212 bbs bread.  At 11.30 two schooners passed down were ordered to report to Flag ship                                                              

E.V. Gager



Meridian to 4 PM

Light breeze from S.E. & clear                                                           

Louis Stodder



4 to 6 PM

Light breeze from S.E. & cloudy, at 5.30 got under weigh and proceeded down close to the Galena and anchored                                                                                            

Geo. Frederickson



6 to 8 P.M

Same wind & weather                                                                       

William Flye



8 to Midnight

Light airs from S very cloudy.  watch are armed. 10 P.M saw a boat pulling past brought her & ordered her alongside proved to contain two darkies escaping  sent them back to their master                                                  

E.V. Gager