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Monitor Log: 30 June 1862

Log of U S St[eame]r Monitor       Lieut Wm N Jeffers Comdg

Remarks June 30th /62


Commences & till 4 AM

Wind S.W & cloudy. Lightning in S.E                      

Geo. Frederickson



From 4 to 8  

Light airs from the S.W & pleasant.  Heard musketry & artillery in N.W

until 7.30 Galena went up the river & returned and went down in company with

the Mahaska                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        William Flye



From 8 to Meridian

Light airs N.W & pleasant weather.  8.30 got under weigh and

proceeded down the river. saw soldiers on the bank to the left.  passed Galena &

Port Royal off Carter’s place & anchored below City P[oin]t at 10.  12 M the Jacob Bell arrived from below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                E.V. Gager



From Meridian to 4

Wind & weather same. Jacob Bell arrived from below.  Heavy firing in

N.N.E. Army Transports arriving. Stepping Stones went down with wounded.  Port Royal went down                                                                                                   

Louis Stodder





From 4 to 6

Weather clear & pleasant. Wind S.W. heavy firing in the N.N.W                                                                                                                                         Geo.  Frederickson



From 6 to 8

Light westerly wind & pleasant. Heavy firing as before.  Army st[eam]rs leaving with transports in tow  

William Flye



From 8 to Midnight

Wind & weather same.  9. Mahaska & Jacob Bell went up the river. 11.30 Jacob Bell went down.  Firing ceased                                                            

E.V. Gager