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Monitor Log: 2 July 1862

Remarks July 2nd /62


Commences & till 4 AM

Light breeze S E & cloudy                                                                                                                                                                                                     E.V. Gager for LNS



From 4 to 8

Wind S.E & rainy.  Delaware passed on her way up the river Mahaska & Aroostook with schooners in tow passed down. Also Galena & Maratanza                                                                                                                  

L.N. Stodder




From 8 to Meridian

Baffling wind with Heavy rain.  8.30 got under weigh and went

up the river.  anchored off Haxall. saw soldiers on the bank of the river

                                                                                                            [Not Signed]              




From Meridian to 4 P.M

first part wind N.E & rainy.  latter part N.W. & cloudy 

3.20 got under weigh and steamed down in company with the delaware. sent a boat ashore and took some soldiers belonging as follows.  one 1-2nd  Delaware, one 102nd  Pa. 4th Michigan, one 37th  N.Y. and a boy of 62nd  N.Y.  Seeing more soldiers and understanding them to say they had transportation. sent the last three ashore again                   

William Flye



From 4 to 6

Strong breeze N.E & rainy weather.  4.15 came up with the delaware

boating a party of soldiers.  Capt ordered along side of the wharf and we took a

position to cover her in case of attack.  At 5 proceeded down the river

E.V. Gager by L.N.S.



From 6 to 8

Wind N.E & rainy.  passed Tug Dragon with Southfield in tow.  Anchored off Harrisons P[oin]t.  at 7. sent the sick away in Tug Tempest                                                                                                                                                              Louis Stodder



From 8 to Midnight

Wind N.E & cloudy with rain. Galena making army signals the whole watch         

                                                                                                [Not Signed]