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Monitor Log: 24 June 1862

Remarks June 24th 62



Commences & till 4 AM

Variable wind with heavy rain & squalls.  Latter part wind S.E                                                                                                                                            E.V. Gager



4 to 8 AM

Wind S.E & cloudy.  5 AM Port Royal went

down the river.  Aroostook came down from above             

Louis Stodder



8 to Meridian

Wind S to S.W. and fine weather. at 9 the

Coeur de Lion with schooner in tow went down the river                                                    

Geo. Frederickson



Meridian to 4 PM

Variable winds & fine weather. at 12.15 the Delaware went down the river, 1 PM Maratanza went up. Port Royal arrived from Jamestown Island. Maratanza & Jacob Bell came down from above  

William Flye



4 to 6 P.M

Light airs from the S.E.  Port Royal went down the

river. a heavy squall from N.W                                                                                                                                                                                                           E.V. Gager



6 to 8 P.M

Wind variable & rainy weather                                  

Louis Stodder



8 to Midnight

Baffling winds from the N.E to S.W & cloudy weather. 

St[eame]r Stepping Stones arrived from below.  saw rocket in direction

of Richmond answered by Galena                                                                                                                                                                                                     Geo. Frederickson