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Monitor Log: 23 June 1862

Remarks June 23rd/62


Commences & till 4 AM

Light wind from then N.E & cloudy weather.  At 1.30 AM

discovered the deck on fire around the stove pipe in galley.

extinguished it & examined the place every half hour during

the watch

Louis Stodder



4 to 8 AM

Light airs from the S.E & clear weather. at 7.45 the Galena

arrived from below                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Geo. Frederickson



8 to Meridian

Moderate breezes from the S.E & pleasant weather. at 10 AM got underweigh and proceeded down the river in company with the Galena & Port Royal                                                                                                                                             William Flye



Meridian to 4 PM

Fore part wind S.E. 1.30 came to anchor off city p[oin]t  2 PM a heavy squall of wind & rain sprung from the S[ou]th[war]d.  The Galley not in use cooking is done on deck    




4 to 6 PM

Wind & weather same                                                                       

Louis Stodder



6 to 8 PM

Strong breeze from the S.E squally weather. Mahaska fired several shells toward Bermuda Hundreds                  

Geo. Frederickson



8 to Midnight

Wind variable & weather cloudy with Lightning in N[orthwar]d   

A bright light of fire seen in direction of Richmond the whole watch                                                                                                                                              William Flye