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Monitor Log: 12 June 1862

Remarks Thursday June 12/62


Commences & till 4 AM

Light airs from the S.W & fine weather.  a total eclipse of the

moon lasting an hour. occurred during the watch     

E.V. Gager



4 to 8 AM

Wind S.W & pleasant, St[eame]r Stepping Stones came up the river & anchored                                                                                                                            Louis Stodder



8 to Meridian

Wind S[ou]th[war]d & W[estwar]d weather clear                                           

Geo Frederickson



Meridian to 4 P.M

Light-airs from the S.W & clear, warm weather.    At 1. PM. thermometer stood 142˚ inside the galley, the door being open and the blowers of the engine being in motion.  3.20 the Aroostook came up the river, Delaware came down the river having a large scow in tow. Rec[eive]d on board 21- 15 lb cartridges & 15 -5 sec[ond] Xl in shell                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          William Flye





4 to 6 P.M

Wind & weather same.  at 4.30 St[eame]r Delaware went up the river & Island Belle came down having on board 4 deserters from Fort Darling.  St[eame]r Jacob Bell & Mahaska came down & anchored near flagship                                                       

E.V. Gager




6 to 8 P.M

Wind & weather same flag ship made signal 139                  

Louis Stodder





8 to Midnight

Wind S[ou]th[war]d & W[estwar]d weather clear & pleasant