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Monitor Log: 10 September 1862

Remarks Sept 10th /62


Commences & till 4

Wind N.E & rain squalls                                                                    

Louis Stodder



From 4 to 8

Strong breeze from the N.E & squally weather with showers of rain 

at 6 the St[eame]r Morse went up the river   

                                                                                                [Not Signed]                                                              

From 8 to Meridian

Wind N & E[astwar]d  weather rainy      

                                                                                                [Not Signed]                          

From Meridian to 4

Wind N.E. weather squally 

At 1 Rear Admiral Lee visited the ship

                                                                                                            [Not Signed]                                                              



From 4 to 6

Wind & weather same.  At 5.30 the squadron formed in line of


Louis Stodder



From 6 to 8

Wind strong from the N.E & cloudy.  at 6 the St[eame]r Morse came down

the river. Commander T. H. Stevens was detached from the vessel and Commander John P. Bankhead took command in obedience to orders from the Navy Dept.  Previous to Cap’n Stevens leaving he disrated all petty officers                       

                                                                                                            [Not Signed]  



From 8 to Midnight

Wind N[orthwar]d & E[astwar]d weather rainy                                             

                                                                                                            [Not Signed]