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Music Monday – Lincoln and Liberty!

Well hey there, readers, and welcome back to the good ol’ blog! If memory serves, this blog used to feature a “Music Monday” segment about Civil War-related music. Well, I couldn’t help but notice how sparse the blog’s been lookin’ lately, and I’ve decided to bring Music Monday on back! I’m afraid I can’t promise something EVERY Monday, but I’ll sure try to do at least a couple a month. Today, for your auditory pleasure, I have a song that served as President Abraham Lincoln’s reelection song: they (of course) didn’t have radio or television back then, so political songs served as a great medium by which to transcend the great distances of the country. When Lincoln was running against (spoiler alert) General McClellan in the 1864 Presidential election, the good President got to enjoy the catchy and positively-charged song “Lincoln and Liberty,” which you can hear by clicking on the link below! Enjoy!

THIS LINK RIGHT HERE! The song is from the CD pictured above.