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Two Americas: Observing July 4th in the Southern Confederacy

Richmond Enquirer, July 4, 1861

We are happy to see many proofs in our Confederate exchanges, that the 4th of July is to be generally observed throughout the Southern Confederacy.

We are glad of this because of the association of the day itself, and of the grand event of which it is the anniversary. Let us never forget that when our fathers were oppressed, and when expostulation and remonstrance and warning proved vain, they manfully assumed a separate existence, and boldly drew their trusty swords to make their independence good. It is well for their sons ever and anon to read the bright record anew, and drink in the spirit of those virtuous and heroic days.

We are glad for another reason. The deed which this day as we celebrate, is a glorious and inspiring endorsement of the present attitude of the Confederate States. We, too, have been wronged and insulted, and we too have exhausted the cup of patience and drawn the sword of self-defence. We too have taken our separate and equal station among the nations of the earth. Thank Heaven, that thus far at least the sons have proven worthy of their sires!