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From Harper’s Weekly, January 24, 1863




Oh loyal souls, sunk in a noble ship

As e’er the waters crossed!

What direful tidings ring from every lip—

“The Monitor is lost!”

Sunk in an instant underneath the wave,

With half the crew lost in a watery grave.


And yet not lost. Within a higher realm

We deem they are at rest,

Where a sure Pilot stands beside the helm:
Surely such peace is best.

There quietly the ship at anchor rides,

Beyond all fear of adverse winds and tides.


Tenderly, brothers, will we name them o’er,

Nor think they died in vain,

Who went down with the Monitor, no more

To hoist our flag again.

Their early call has left no more to do;

But who could falter with their names in view?


OUR “MONITOR”—she earned her title well,

Though short the race she run;

She left a record, for the world to tell,

Of “victory nobly won.”

Tenderly guard her in thy depths, O sea!

For never nobler vessel sailed o’er thee.