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…the whole land resounds with ERICSSON!

From time to time we come across new…old poetry about the Monitor and Virginia.  Today, we found this. The entire poem is extremely long and deals with all of the events of 1862. But the piece about the Battle of Hampton Roads was particularly nice:


Excerpt from New Year’s Address of the Carriers of the Providence Journal., January 1, 1863


Old England’s wooden walls are walls no more,

Her frigates find their occupation o’er.

Sinking our ships and threatening our forts,

Ready to pounce on unprotected ports,

Bristling with guns, impervious to attack,

Triumphantly sails forth the Merrimac;

When, like a champion in the days of yore,

Armed at all points in panoply of war,

Forth from her moorings steams the Monitor,

The “Yankee cheese-box, mounted on a raft” –

The latest style of iron-plated craft –

Comes dauntless forth to unexpected fight,

And challenges the monster in its might.

Short was the contest, desperate the fray:

The mail-clad monster, baffled of its prey,

Battered and crippled, turns and steams away.

Our ports are safe, the victory is won,

And the whole land resounds with ERICSSON!


We stand between the Future and the Past,

Where mighty destinies their shadows cast;

And in the darkness of the lurid dawn,

We hail the presage of the coming morn.