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To boldly go……

Well! This week began with an impressive new vessel being launched by the US Navy.  The USS Zumwalt, named for Admiral (and the Navy’s 19th, and youngest CNO) Elmo Russell Zumwalt, Jr. (who passed away in 2000) is an impressive – and strange looking beastie. My first thought was……ironclad! Or rather, a modern take on an old look. But the similarities are more than superficial. The Museum’s friend Norman Polmar confirmed my thoughts – he said this of the new vessel: The Zumwalt introduces new hull form and machinery concepts that could be the harbinger of the next generation of surface warships. In some respects the advancements are comparable to the Monitor of Civil War fame that revolutionized naval ship design.

To make matters more interesting – her first commanding officer is Captain James Kirk. And yes, she carries lasers. Not sure about the phasers, though.

See for yourself.  Here she is:

USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000)

USS Zumwalt (US Navy photo)