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An ironclad blast from the past…

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had visited the D/B Wotan a few days earlier, but was back to the mundane tasks of budgets, meetings, and suchlike. The lift had been scheduled for the day before but weather had caused the lift to be postponed. I felt as though I was in a fog all day – my body here at The Museum but my thoughts were focused on a spot 16 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, 235 feet down. I remember sitting in the parking lot at lunchtime pleading with mother nature to let the lift proceed.

Anyway – I found this blog post that I wrote 12 years ago today. Thought I would share…..

The Monitor's turret rises from the Graveyard of the Atlantic, 5 August 2002

The Monitor’s turret rises from the Graveyard of the Atlantic, 5 August 2002

Today has been one of those white-knuckle days for me. It was extremely hard to get anything done, though I managed to do 90% of the budget today which in itself is a minor miracle (do I just need one more to be a saint?)

Anyway – we heard just a few minutes before 6 tonight that the turret was up! I’m waiting up now to see the footage from the helicopter – saw a little earlier and it was the most amazing thing! Justin and I were the only ones left back in the Education/Marketing Compound – I only wish more folks had been around since it was such an amazing moment.

Just a few months ago I don’t think anyone would have thought this was possible – but somehow they pulled it off!

The turret will be coming to the Museum on Saturday – what a moment that will be!

And what a moment it was. Congratulations to NOAA, MDSU-2 and staff at The Mariners’ Museum past and present.