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Music Mondays: Titus Andronicus

The Civil War may seem to some like something that only exists in history textbooks or at old battlefields, but inspirations from the Civil War may appear in more places than one would expect.  This new feature, Music Mondays, will explore how the Civil War is still influencing music made 150 years later.

A punk rock band named after a Shakespearean tragedy that has an album named after the USS Monitor, sounds like that weird dream you had after visiting the Mariners’ Museum right? Wrong.  Titus Andronicus is an alternative rock band from New Jersey that released their second album The Monitor in late 2010. Songs include titles like “A More Perfect Union” and “The Battle of Hampton Roads.”   Despite the album’s title the songs on The Monitor are not all devoted to the historic ironclad but there are several lyrics that reference the Civil War.  The first song on the album is “A More Perfect Union” and in the song the band sings the line “no one knows the trouble I see / when they hang Jefferson David from a sour-apple tree / I’ll sit beneath the leaves and weep.”  The track “The Battle of Hampton Roads,” intros with a speech by Abraham Lincoln. And just as the actual Battle of Hampton Roads ended in a stalemate, this is a song all about the stalemates in life.


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Make sure to stop by the Mariners’ Museum and see Titus Andronicus’s The Monitor LP on display.