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The Civil War and You!

One of the goals of this blog is to show you, its steadfast followers, how the Civil War connects to modern day. This post will deal with how the Civil War relates to you, literally! As we all learned in elementary school the Civil War was a war that pitted brother against brother on the battlefield, what may have been more interesting to learn was the fact that it may have been your great-grandfather against great-uncle.


Most people are used to hearing about their relatives who served in WWII or the Vietnam War, but the Civil War seems more forgotten about.  It may take a little more work to find Civil War relatives than just asking around at the next family reunion.  That being said there are hundreds off  websites, many of them free that offer genealogical information related to the Civil War.  Currently I am researching the possibly of my family’s relation to Commodore Charles Stewart McCauley, who worked at Gosport Naval Yard (read more about it here).  While I research this possible relation I will keep the blog updated with my progress and the steps I’m taking to research it.


My progress so far:


  • Found oldest known relatives with last name McCauley: great grandfather was Robert D. McCauley and his father was Robert A. McCauley
  • Found Commodore McCauley’s obituary in the New York Times from 1869: no descendants were mentioned
  • Currently researching any free genealogy websites
  • Next step: request Naval records from the National Archives



Feel free to comment below and let us  know of your Civil War relatives and how you found out about them.  Who knows you may end up in blog post.