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Music Monday: Bee Gees

The past two Mondays I’ve brought you music from some obscure bands that most people have never heard of, maybe you were beginning to believe that these lesser known bands were the only musicians that made music about the Civil War. Well this week Music Monday spotlights a band most people are probably familiar with, the Bee Gees.


Now before you jump to any conclusions the Bee Gees’ hit “Saturday Night Fever” was not actually about the yellow fever during the Civil War.  The song we delve into today is “The Battle of the Blue and Gray” which is unmistakably about the Civil War.  The American Civil War may seem like an odd topic for a band from across the pond but they capture the devastation and gore well in their lyrics singing “Many hearts were broken and a lot of tears were shed
/ The sky was black and the battlefield was red.”


Something interesting about this song is that the Bee Gees sing from the perspective of a Confederate soldier. The Brits resound lyrics about taking orders from the famous Stonewall Jackson and how they “mowed…down” the Union soldiers in blue. The interesting thing happens to be that the three British brothers in this video perform this somber sounding song in lyrics alone in an upbeat tone.


Take a listen and tell us what you think: