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All along the MONITOR Trail

Last week I traveled from the birthplace of the Monitor to the point of land closest to her final resting place, passing over the scene of her March 9 debut in the process. What struck me was this: her story is not for one place – it is a story that touches so many places, and still resonates in so many lives. From Buffalo to Baltimore, Gothenburg to Washington, Portsmouth to London, Greenpoint to Hatteras – and many other points in between, the Monitor – and of course, the Virginia (for how could you have the Monitor without the Virginia?) – still have stories to tell.

As we are now fully ensconced in the sesquicentennial of these two ironclads, I thought I would offer a few images from my own travels along the Monitor Trail.  Enjoy!

Monitor Crew - 2012

Two Monitor descendants - related to Captain's Clerk Toffey and Captain Worden at the 150th of the launch of the Monitor in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Janice - Greenpoint Monitor Museum

Janice Weinmann - Head of the Greenpoint Monitor Museum at the site of the Monitor launch, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum

The staff of the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum @ Hatteras

Mariners' Museum and Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Staff looking out to sea - where 16 miles out, the Monitor rests