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Music Monday: Melting Euphoria

This week Music Monday goes psychedelic with Melting Euphoria! Melting Euphoria is a band from San Francisco that is described as falling into the genre of psychedelic rock or space rock.  This categorization is evident after listening to Melting Euphoria’s song Duel of the Ironclads, which is the spotlight of this week’s Music Monday.


In 1999 Melting Euphoria recorded an album called “She Wants to Take Us Over The Edge Of The World.” This is this album which features their song Duel of the Ironclads. Starting off with some soft relaxed guitar riffs the song is five minutes of melodic electronic sounds with no lyrics.   I am still looking for how the song how much to do with its title or the battle of the famous USS Monitor and CSS Virginia.  But this wouldn’t be the Civil War Connections Blog if I didn’t make some connection so here it goes…the tone of the music crests and falls several times similar to the actual duel of the ironclads.


Take a listen and tell us what you think: