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Music Monday: The Last Placid Days of Plenty

With the anniversary of the Battle of Hampton Roads right around the corner it is only right that Music Monday is dedicated to a song that is inspired by the events of March 8-9! Hearing the intro of the song entitled “The Ironclads” by the rock band The Last Placid Days of Plenty there is no doubt this song in inspired by the Civil War and more accurately the Battle of Hampton Roads.  The sound of cannons firing and pitter patter of drums gives the listener the feeling that they are marching into battle.


About a minute into the song we get the first and only words spoken over this track.  In what sounds like the voice of an historical interpreter speaks about the day “Ninth of March, 1862…” and he goes on to say how the Monitor will forever change naval warfare.  While the band was influenced by the Battle of Hampton Roads, their interpretation of the event is not 100% accurate because they say that the Monitor will sink the Merrimack when they engage. Overall the song “The Ironclads” is a great Civil War inspired rock song full of guitar solos and cannons firing.