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Music Monday: Tim Eriksen

First off I have to apologize for my brief hiatus from the blog and missing last Music Monday.  That being said I have a gem of a song that’s a perfect conclusion to the 150th anniversary weekend of the Battle of Hampton Roads. The song is entitled “The Cumberland and The Merrimac” and it comes from Tim Eriksen’s 2005 album Every Sound Below.  Eriksen sings “all bout the Cumberland… and her many loyal seamen that met a watery grave.” This folk song details the less famous skirmish between the Union ship the Cumberland and the Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia (referred to here as the Merrimac which was the Union ship the Confederates used as a base for the Virginia) which happen on March 8th a day before the Monitor arrived.  With it clarity and smooth rhyme scheme this maybe one of my favorite Music Monday songs yet.


Tim Eriksen is known for Civil War related music and even helped make the soundtrack for the movie Cold Mountain. Unfortunately I was not able to find the song on Youtube, but it is available on iTunes.


Tim Eriksen's Every Sound Below

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