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Monitor Log: 18 March 1862

Tuesday March 18, 1862                 Remarks.


From Midnight to 4 AM comes in with fine pleasant weather.

and light airs from N.E.  a flame seen in the direction of Norfolk.                                        

                                                                                                            Geo. Frederickson


From 4 to 8 A.M. light air from N.E. and clear pleasant weather. 

Mechanics employed on board                                  

                                                                                                            William Flye


From 8 AM to Meridian, continues the same. Sent on shore

10 wrougte iron shot, and received thirty hollow. Mechanics employed

on board.  At 9 AM all hands were called to quarters, & exercised

the Turret Division                                                                            

                                                                                                            E.V. Gager


From Meridian to 4 P.M. 

Wind and weather same

Mechanics employed on board                                                          

                                                                                                            Louis N Stodder


From 4 to 6 PM Clear and pleasant with fresh airs

from S.E.                                                                                            

                                                                                                            G. Frederickson


From 6 to 8 PM

Light S.E. wind and pleasant weather

At 8 PM a steamer came in and anchored off our port beam.                                               

                                                                                                            William Flye


From 8 PM to Midnight

Fine weather Wind S.S.E.