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Music Monday: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Seeing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as this week’s Music Monday artist is probably not much of a shocker to people since the band is an American classic in rock n roll it is no big surprise that one of their songs is partially about the Civil War.   Most people that are familiar  with the band could probably guess that this song about the Civil War is from a Southern perspective.  This is  even more evident being that the song is called Rebel.

With a title like Rebel there is no denying that it is about the  Civil War.  Although when the song comes on the lyrics do not sound like it has much to do with the great conflict the divided America 150 years ago.  That is until the last verse of the song which goes:

Even before my father’s fathers

They called us all rebels

Burned our cornfields

And left our cities level

I can still see the eyes

Of those blue bellied devils

When I’m walking round tonight

Through the concrete and metal


After hearing this  verse it certainly affirms the reason this song is entitled Rebel.  The song comes from the band’s 1985 album Southern Accents.  Some people maybe offended by the disrespectful language toward the Union used in this song, but in my opinion the band is just sharing their culture and feelings about the war.

Take a listen to the song here: