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Ides of March 1862

A famous prophecy once told Julius Caesar to “beware the Ides of March” but maybe those who tried to Impeach Andrew Johnson in 1867 should have listened to the prophecy as well.  On March 15, 1862, the famous northern publication Harper’s Weekly printed an article entitled “Tennessee Returning to the Union.”  The article goes on to say how there has been news that Tennessee is beginning on the path back to rejoining the Union.  The article tells nothing about battles or any fighting and the only mention of military is the fact that Senator Andrew Johnson is now Military Governor of the State until it is fully recommitted to the Union.

Military Govenor of Tennesse & 17th President of the United States
Andrew Johnson



Imagine receiving your Harper’s Weekly, which may have been the only new source you may have, and reading that things in Tennessee were starting to turn.  If you were reading this you probably would have been a northerner so it most likely would have been good news, but if you had a friend or family member that lived in Tennessee you would probably be worried.  These are the things we would have experienced if we happened to be born 150 years earlier.