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Monitor Log: 2 September 1862

September 2nd was a grim day on the Monitor.  Sadly, Wardroom Steward Lawrence Murray, whom we met back on March 3rd in an event that did not show him at his best, died on this day. The logbook entry below records the event rather matter of factly. But crewman George Geer went into far more detail in […]

“Our Grog Must Stop, Our Spirits Drop…”

As you recall, on July 14, 1862, the US Congress issued a statement that cast a pall on many serving in the US Navy. This cessation of liquid courage, slated for the first day of September, 1862, prompted one unnamed tar to pen the following for the 31st of August, 1862.  The melody is unknown […]

The unkindest cut…

On 14 July 1862, the US Congress issued the following: “From and after the first day of September 1862, the spirit ration in the navy of the United States shall for ever cease; and thereafter no distilled spirituous liquors shall be admitted on board of vessels of war, except as medical stores, and upon the […]