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Two guys named Cornelius walk into a hotel…

Cornelius Delamater spent time in WashingtonD.C.during the summer of 1861 seeking favor with the Navy Department.  A successful New York businessman, Delamater had taken a small company – The Phoenix Foundry – and transformed it into a major iron works which dominated the waterfront between 13th and 14th Streets in Manhattan. The Cornelius H. Delamater […]

Meanwhile in Gosport…..

On this day 150 years ago, Chief Engineer Benjamin Franklin Isherwood completed repairs to USS Merrimack at Gosport Navy Yard. Though Isherwood proclaimed the frigate ready for sea, Yard Commander McCauley denied approval for the Merrimack to leave Gosport. Given the tenuous state of affairs following the news of secession, and the timidity of McCauley, […]

Alden and Isherwood Arrive

On April 14, 1861, Commander James Alden and US Navy Chief Engineer Benjamin Franklin Isherwood arrived at Gosport Navy Yard to find that McCauley had done exactly nothing. Alden had orders to take command of the USS Merrimack and bring her to Philadelphia if it appeared that evacuating the Navy Yard was the only avenue. […]