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Monitor Log: 30 April 1862 (or, the return of the Booby Hatch)

You will recall on 21 April 1862, the booby hatch arrived, but did not fit. Today, it returns. Presumably, it fit this time, as there is no further mention of it in the logbook. Remarks Wednesday April 30th /62   From Midnight to 4 A.M. Light easterly wind & dense fog                                             William Flye     From […]

Monitor Log: 21 April 1862

Improvements continued to be made to the Monitor throughout her life – but apparently, not all of them worked.  On this day, Gager mentions the failed attempt at installing a Booby Hatch.  An intriguing term,  with no precise origin, a booby hatch usually denoted a  sliding wooden hatch cover. It could also be a small […]