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The Civil War and You!

One of the goals of this blog is to show you, its steadfast followers, how the Civil War connects to modern day. This post will deal with how the Civil War relates to you, literally! As we all learned in elementary school the Civil War was a war that pitted brother against brother on the […]

Gosport Burning!

Today kicks off the Civil War sesquicentennial for our own particular story here at The Mariners’ Museum. We begin with the USS Merrimack….. 150 years ago today, Union forces abandoned Gosport Navy Yard – (we know it better today as Norfolk Navy Yard) in Portsmouth, VA following the secession of Virginia from the Union a […]

“Excercise your judgment….”

150 years ago today, Gideon Welles – secretary of the US Navy – ordered Flag Officer Charles Stewart McCauley, commandant of the Gosport Navy Yard in Portsmouth, VA, to ready the USS Merrimack for transport out of harm’s way. Virginia had not yet seceded, but Welles was worried that the Merrimack would invite “unlawful attempts […]