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Protecting History

As I approach graduation, I seem to be continuously fielding questions about my major in undergrad, and my career goals. Usually when I say that I’ve studied history and wish to work in museums, I get the glazed eyes and the confused, “why?” which usually sounds more like “why on Earth would you want to […]

Reenactors Memory (continued)

Hello again folks, and welcome back to the Connections blog! To rehash the closing sentiment of my previous blog post, Civil War reenactments provide a unique opportunity to step inside the shoes of our ancestors. Many reenactors take the events close to heart, and for them it’s about honoring our forefathers and the history they […]

another ironclad…

150 years ago today, Henry Hoover, the Naval Constructor and the Navy Yard in Philadelphia received a letter from Commodore Joseph Smith (Bureau of Yards and Docks, US Navy) directing him to inspect the ironclad vessel under constuction with Merrick & Sons in Philadelphia. Mr Hoover was to be “diligent in the performance of this […]