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Monitor Log: 9 June 1862

Remarks Monday June 9th/62   Commences & till 4 AM Moderate breeze from N.W cool pleasant weather                William Flye       4 to 8 AM Wind N fresh breeze & cloudy weather.  6 AM St[eame]r Stepping Stones arrived from Fortress Monroe with despatches & mail.  sent her up river to Senior Officer.  Twenty contrabands […]

Monitor Log: 4 June 1862

Remarks June 4th /62   Midnight to 4 AM Wind S.E. heavy rain during the entire watch.  3.45 a contraband came along side, ordered him away                     E.V. Gager     4 to 8 AM Wind baffling with heavy rain                                                            Louis Stodder     8 to Meridian Strong breeze from S.E with passing clouds at 9 […]

Contrabands of War

Escaped slaves were referred to as contrabands of the war. Many escaped slaves in Hampton Roads made their way to Fort Monroe. Here, General Benjamin Butler struggled with the deciding what to do with these slaves. The Fugitive Slave Law required that they be returned to their owners. Naturally, this would not be the case […]