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Monitor Log: 24 June 1862

Remarks June 24th 62     Commences & till 4 AM Variable wind with heavy rain & squalls.  Latter part wind S.E                                                                                                                                            E.V. Gager     4 to 8 AM Wind S.E & cloudy.  5 AM Port Royal went down the river.  Aroostook came down from above              Louis Stodder     8 to […]

Monitor Log: 13 June 1862

Remarks Friday June 13th /62   Commences & till 4 A.M With light airs from the S.W& pleasant weather.   At 1 A. M the C.De Lion arrived from Hampton Roads William Flye     4 to 8 AM Wind & weather same.  heavy firing toward Richmond between 5 & 6 AM                                                                                                                                    E.V. Gager […]

Monitor Log: 9 June 1862

Remarks Monday June 9th/62   Commences & till 4 AM Moderate breeze from N.W cool pleasant weather                William Flye       4 to 8 AM Wind N fresh breeze & cloudy weather.  6 AM St[eame]r Stepping Stones arrived from Fortress Monroe with despatches & mail.  sent her up river to Senior Officer.  Twenty contrabands […]

Monitor Log: 8 June 1862

Remarks Sunday June 8th /62   Commences with & till 4 AM Light airs from the N.W & cloudy weather                            E.V. Gager     4 to 8 AM Wind N & pleasant.  Coeur De Lion came up with the coal schooner  7 AM St[eame]r Delaware came up with senior officer on board                                                      Louis Stodder   […]

Monitor Log: 7 June 1862

Remarks Saturday May [June]7/62   Commenced & till 4 A.M Calm & cloudy very strong current                                        Louis Stodder     4 to 8 AM Cloudy weather & light breeze from the westward at 6 AM St[eame]r Jacob Bell came down from above                                  Geo. Frederickson     8 to Meridian Light airs from S.E & pleasant […]

Monitor Log: 6 June 1862

Remarks Friday June 6th /62   Midnight to 4 AM Wind N & cloudy weather                                                     Geo. Frederickson     4 to 8 AM Moderate breeze from the north & cloudy weather               William Flye     8 to Meridian Wind N. & cloudy light showers.  Gunboats Delaware & Southfield went up the river.  Large quantities of […]

Monitor Log: 4 June 1862

Remarks June 4th /62   Midnight to 4 AM Wind S.E. heavy rain during the entire watch.  3.45 a contraband came along side, ordered him away                     E.V. Gager     4 to 8 AM Wind baffling with heavy rain                                                            Louis Stodder     8 to Meridian Strong breeze from S.E with passing clouds at 9 […]

Monitor Log: 2 June 1862

Remarks Monday June 2nd/62   Midnight to 4 AM Light breeze from the S.W with squally weather & rain showers                                                                                                                                          Geo. Frederickson     4 to 8 AM Light airs from S.S.W pleasant weather. at 4.40 Senior officer made signal 958. at 5 AM got under weigh & proceeded up the river followed by […]

again with the aeronauts….

150 years ago today, Union Aeronaut Thaddeus Lowe reported that he left the Washington Navy Yard in the Balloon Boat George Washington Parke Custis. He said that they “were towed out by the steamer Couer de Lion, having on board competent assistant aeronauts, together with my new gas generating apparatus, which, though used for the first […]