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Monitor Log: 4 July 1862

  On 4 July 1862, the Monitor and the steamer Maratanza happened upon their old foe the CSS Teaser at Turkey Island in the James River. Commanded by Hunter Davidson, late of the CSS Virginia, the Teaser was transporting Confederate army officers to locations near Chaffin’s Bluff on the James. Two shells from the Maratanza […]

Monitor Log: 8 May 1862

The weeks of inaction were finally over, and 150 years ago today, the men of the Monitor prepared their vessel for the bombardment of Sewell’s Point with incendiary shells. The Monitor was joined by the Seminole, Dacotah, Susquehanna, San Jacinto and Naugatuck. The fleet rained “an uninterrupted storm of iron…into the rebel defenses,” except for […]

CSS Teaser

On this day in 1861, CSS Teaser, commanded by Lieutenant Robert Randolph Carter, CSN, was assigned to help defend the James River at Jamestown Island. This former steam tug was armed with one 32-pounder banded rifle and detailed to observe Union naval operations at the mouth of the James River.