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Monitor Log: 12 May 1862

As the Monitor steamed up the James River towards Richmond, she was following in the path of the original Jamestown colonists who had made their way up the James  255 years before that very week.  Off Jamestown Island, the Monitor‘s paymaster, William Keeler, reflected on this moment: “About noon we arrived at Jamestown & found the […]

Monitor Log: 24 April 1862

On this day, the Monitor was joined in Hampton Roads by another ironclad – the USS Galena. You might say they were cousins, since the Galena was championed by Cornelius Bushnell and built with iron supplied by John Winslow and John Griswold. In fact, many of the documents relating to the Monitor‘s construction contain material relating […]

Pook’s plan, Bushnell’s backing

One of the plans that was submitted for the Ironclad Board’s consideration was that of an iron gunboat to be named the Galena. This vessel was a 210-foot-long, sail-rigged vessel with six guns in her broadside. Designed by Samuel H. Pook of Connecticut, she would feature a curved, sloped casemate, 3 1/4 inches of iron plate, and […]