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Women in the War, pt. 2

Hello faithful Connections readers! Today covers part two of my series on women during the war, and discusses women spies! During the Civil War, women received a substantial amount of power as a result of the men being required to leave home and engage in battle. The lack of a male presence within the household […]

Front Row Seats to the Eastern Theater

Some of my favorite stories of the Civil War are the ones about events of pure coincidence. One of these stories is the tale of Wilmer McLean, and his poor choice of housing for himself and his family. In 1853, McLean and his wife Virginia Beverly Hooe Mason moved into a rural area west of […]

A Beard in Time

Hey folks, welcome back to the good ol’ blog! Today’s tidbit about me is: my facial-hair status constantly changes between “clean shaven” and “light beard” because it takes a while for the various annoyances of a full beard to overcome the greater annoyance of shaving.   My last post was on the terrible, horrible, no […]