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Uncle Abraham has arrived on the James

We know that President Lincoln visited the Monitor on the 9th of July, 1862. But what did he do when he left the little ironclad? On July 12, 1862 the New York Times printed the following article:   The army was yesterday taken by surprise by a most unexpected visit by President LINCOLN. At 3 o’clock a […]

The Lauded Little Mac

In the post “The Cowardly Lion on the Peninsula,” Brian introduced you to the faults of General George B. McClellan.  However, what has yet to be explored is how the soldiers or the public felt about their now heavily criticized commander.  Did they see McClellan as a coward or was he considered more of a […]

Monitor Log: 3 May 1862

While they could not see the action up the York River – the men of the Monitor could certainly hear it. General McClellan had been preparing to lay siege to Yorktown  – a plan he intended to carry out on May 5.   McClellan believed that was the best way to combat the 120,000 Confederate troops he […]

Monitor Log: 4 April 1862

You would not know it from the Monitor‘s log book, but Friday, April 4, 1862 was an important day.  It  marked the official beginning of McClellan’s Peninsular Campaign, as Union troops began their slow move from Fortress Monroe up the Peninsula. Meanwhile, over in Gosport, The Virginia  came out of drydock.  Now repaired, she boasted a new […]

Monitor Log: 3 April 1862

Remarks  Thursday April 3rd/62   From Midnight to 4 AM Dark & wind east with baffling airs from SW to NW with thunder & Lightening Geo. Frederickson   From 4 to 8 A.M.  First part showers  light airs from NW & fogy at 6AM elegant English man of war got under weigh & went to […]

On Janitors and Little Napoleon…

The Reorganized Government of Virginia continued to meet in Wheeling. These were, of course, the eight senators and 32 delegates who remained loyal to the Union. During the morning session they discussed the possibility of dividing the State of Virginia. Ultimately the resolution was tabled pending further discussion. During the evening session they voted to […]