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…she was launched successfully

When we last left John Worden, he had just taken command of a partially-built vessel that had no guns.  Each time guns designated for the Monitor would arrive, they would be commandeered by a vessel that was ready to fight, and so Worden waited.  By January 24, 1862, the guns were still not on board and Worden […]

forbearance was not their strong suit…

          In the December 21st, 1861 issue of Harper’s Weekly, the following article appeared on page 806, with images to accompany it. Despite the fact that anyone who has ever fired a large gun could tell you that the particular layout shown in the left-hand image would be…problematic, if you will…the […]

tell the world about it, why don’t you?

An issue of Scientific American hit the stands 150 years ago today which featured an in-depth article on the Ericsson Battery  under construction at Greenpoint, Brooklyn. John Ericsson sent the following note to Commodore Smith with a copy of the issue: I enclose the Scientific American of this date, containing an admirably clear description of […]