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Christmas in wartime

In the December 26, 1863 issue of Harper’s Weekly, the following wish appeared. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Ought it not to be a merry Christmas? Even with all the sorrow that hangs, and will forever hang, over so many households; even while the war still rages; even while there are serious ques- tions yet to be settled—ought […]


Sixteen men. They came from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales & Denmark. And from Connecticut, Maine, New York, Maryland & Virginia. Some were black, others were white. They were officers and enlisted. Some were well-to-do and some had escaped slavery. The youngest was 18, the oldest, 32. But no matter their ages, origins or skin color […]

The response…..

From Harper’s Weekly, January 24, 1863   THE MONITOR.   Oh loyal souls, sunk in a noble ship As e’er the waters crossed! What direful tidings ring from every lip— “The Monitor is lost!” Sunk in an instant underneath the wave, With half the crew lost in a watery grave.   And yet not lost. Within […]


From the December 20, 1862 Harper’s Weekly   WINTER. When winter rains begin, And trees are yellow and thin, And every garden bed Is a couch for the dying or dead; When woods are mouldy and dank; When the sodden river bank Is gusty, and misty, and chill, And birds are dull and still; Then may you […]

A Poetic Interlude

Forgive my radio silence, gentle blog-readers, but it has been a busy fall! However, today, as I was preparing for teaching a class for the College of William & Mary’s Christopher Wren Association tomorrow, I stumbled upon this little piece of Victorian poesy and simply had to share.  Get your hankies ready!   From Harper’s Weekly, July […]

An Optimistic Perspective

Today, Brian posted an excellent and timely blog concerning General McClellan and what became known as the siege of Yorktown (1862).  Demonstrating McClellan’s wary nature, Brian presented you with an overview of the Confederate force he faced in 1862; a force, needless to say, that could have been quashed far earlier if McClellan had chosen […]

Jefferson Davis the Devil: Political Cartoons & Propganda

Political cartoons during the Civil War era were more villainous than today and often depicted Confederate leaders as devils, snake, rats, etc.  Jefferson Davis was the main target of the Union hatred that showed up in the political comics of the northern publications. Below is a picture of Jefferson Davis as the devil and he is […]

Ides of March 1862

A famous prophecy once told Julius Caesar to “beware the Ides of March” but maybe those who tried to Impeach Andrew Johnson in 1867 should have listened to the prophecy as well.  On March 15, 1862, the famous northern publication Harper’s Weekly printed an article entitled “Tennessee Returning to the Union.”  The article goes on […]

Then & Now: Sailors and Drone Pilots

You may have seen or heard some news clips floating around over the past year or two about resistance in the Air Force between fighter pilots and the newer profession of drone pilots.  You may have thought that this was another tale of the interesting debate of how technology has come to affect the jobs […]

Outside Intervention

When reflecting upon the Civil War, it is easy to focus solely on the events that occurred within the continental U.S.  But why shouldn’t we?  Doesn’t the nature of a civil war beg scholars to pore over maps, recounts of battles, and other sources which provide first-hand accounts of the conflict that raged on this […]