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Black Confederate Soldiers: Fact or Fantasy? (Part 1)

Hey there folks, and welcome back to the Connections blog! To begin today’s two-part topic, I shall tell to you an awkward personal story. When I was visiting a large, outdoor living history museum in Virginia last year (a museum that shall remain nameless and had nothing to do with the Civil War), I overheard […]

The First Step: How Women Were Affected by the Civil War

Howdy folks, and welcome back to the Connections blog! Today, I’m going to look at how women remember the Civil War. For those of you interested in the subject, the noted female historian (and President of Harvard) Drew Gilpin Faust wrote an excellent book on the subject titled “Mothers of Invention.” This book covered the […]

and now for something completely out of sequence….

In April 1951, the Associated Press announced (erroneously)that the USS Monitor had been found in 120 feet of water. The US Navy’s response at that time was that they had no plans to raise her. The Harvard Crimson reported that students at Harvard University had created the movement “American Students for Raising the Monitor,” and […]