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” A startling knell from Hatteras’ shore….”

Having spent a glorious few hours now researching the public response to the sinking of the Monitor, I chanced upon this little gem. Enjoy! From the Boston Daily Advertiser, Saturday, February 14, 1863 – Issue 53, page 2, column F [For the Boston Daily Advertiser.] The Monitor. I. Hail and farewell, O, Monitor! A startling […]

All along the MONITOR Trail

Last week I traveled from the birthplace of the Monitor to the point of land closest to her final resting place, passing over the scene of her March 9 debut in the process. What struck me was this: her story is not for one place – it is a story that touches so many places, and […]


Hurricane Irene showed up at Hatteras a day early to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle of Hatteras Inlet. We send all our best wishes to our friends and colleagues on Hatteras Island – and hope that the recovery will be as swift as Barron’s capitulation.

Going to Carolina with my troops…..

150 years ago today, the squadron commanded by Flag Officer Silas  Stringham left Hampton Roads with 900 troops led by Major General Benjamin Franklin Butler. Their destination? Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina.